Diet + Nutrition


At the Whole Family Wellness Center we believe that diet and nutrition are essential to a person's health and wellness. Our Acupuncturists will work with you, one step at a time, to find the right solutions to a better diet. We believe that adding in the right foods, and eliminating or minimizing the more damaging or inflammatory foods, will help promote long term health, as well as help to heal any imbalances our patients are working with.

Nutritional therapy is the use of foods and supplements to help heal the body of current symptoms and prevent future illness and inflammation. Beginning with minor changes in the diet, one can often produce great effects. Incorporating simple concepts over time such as the use of good fats, natural and unprocessed foods, fermented foods and the elimination of refined sugars and processed foods, can help increase energy, boost metabolism, and help to reduce chronic inflammation and pain. Often changing ones diet is one of the more important things a person can do to create sustainable, long term wellness.