Holistic pediatrics is a long-term, safe, and effective approach to caring for children's bodies and spirits through the use of natural medicine. It works to promote healing and wellness for a child's mind, body, and spirit; providing medical care with a strong focus on education and prevention. At Whole Family Wellness Center, we conduct pediatric visits in a comfortable and non-threatening atmosphere. Children are free to sit, play, and sing songs while having their treatments, helping their bodies heal effectively in a gentle and non-invasive manner.

In addition, we treat acute and chronic illness with Chinese herbal medicine, stimulation of acupuncture points on the body (with or without needles), homeopathy for acute care, and nutritional therapy and supplements for chronic illness. We encourage parents to incorporate naturally safer alternatives to household products, over the counter drugs, and commercially processed foods. We work to help parents become the first line of defense in their child's wellness; supporting them through education, openness, and 24 hour availability.