"I met Jill of Whole Family Wellness Center several years back when I was looking for stress management & balance in my life, but i received so much more. As a generally "western" medical practices kind of gal, I approach a problem looking for a direct solution while Jill, from her "eastern" medical approach, views the body as a whole. So while I sought treatment for one specific remedy, I ended up addressing many issues that I didn't even know I had and began to feel different parts of me working better together resulting in me feeling better all around. In the course of my years seeing Jill we addressed skin issues, muscle pain, stress, worry, guilt, anxiety, self esteem, menstrual discomfort, birth control, sexuality & planning a wedding (which likely effected all of the above!).

While Whole Family Wellness Center has changed locations, welcomed other practitioners & gained more patients, I have never noticed a difference in the quality of care that I receive. Jill is a deeply compassionate, thoughtful and a highly skilled acupuncturist that I have recommended to many friends including a husband who was very wary of "woowoo" doctors. Thanks Jill, for years of care & support." --- G.C.

"I was referred to Jill Stevens from my doula during my last pregnancy. I waited until the end when I needed help getting baby to come without medical induction. I wish I had started months earlier. Jill helped me with remedies, treatments, flower essences and many phone calls and correspondence during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. She was a gentle sounding board for me during that time and baby ended up coming 2 hours before my induction appointment.

After my daughter was born and she was having a hard time with gas and sleepless nights with a cranky baby, Jill treated her as well with acupuncture treatment, herbs,and helped with my diet revisions to maximize our successes. She also referred us to an amazing chiropractor that helped in conjunction with Jill's treatments. I quickly realized that a once a month visit to Jill was key to making it through our first year feeling well naturally and supported mentally. Jill became more of our primary care doctor then our pediatrician was.

We called her first when we had questions and it has really helped us avoid the mainstream medical model we are not a big fan of. As a patient of whole family wellness center you have the assurance that you will be a priority when you need help, and it's a great feeling knowing they have your back. My daughter, now 2, knows Dr. Jill well and has always been very comfortable there. Toddler approved!!" ---J.K.

"Jill Stevens is extremely thoughtful and careful with her procedures, providing a truly holistic approach to my health care. From treating an initial back strain from cycling to a monthly "tune up" to allow my own body a space to heal, Jill addresses each of my individual concerns and attentively listens to me before making a recommendation for treatment.

And, Sara rocks at the front desk providing flawless administrative support and clear communication." --T.C.

"I've seen a lot of different health practitioners, both allopathic and alternative, and Jill Stevens is my favorite. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, and very clear. I appreciate that she is realistic about what you can expect, that she explores different approaches and alternatives, and that she spends as much time with me as we need. Most importantly, I do feel improvement in my health after working with her for almost a year. I trust Jill and have recommended her to others in my family." ---M.S.

"Jill has helped me through a complicated pregnancy, preparation for a big surgery, recovery from surgery, migraines, and several other ailments and imbalances over the last 4 and a half years. She is an invaluable resource for parents and unbelievably responsive and supportive in care for your children also. Acupuncture at Whole Family Wellness feels so restorative. There is so much love behind the healing." ---A.J.

"Jill Stevens at Whole Family Wellness has helped me beyond words. I can not recommends them enough. I started seeing Jill shortly after a miscarriage. She was compassionate, kind and patient. She has helped me through the recover process both physically and emotionally through acupuncture and herbs. As I was getting ready to begin trying to get pregnant again she was right there assisting me through the emotional process. I had my son 3 weeks ago and Jill and her staff have been there throughout the pregnancy, and post partum care. She has a wealth of knowledge and resources to share. I can not thank her enough for the care and support she has given me. Jill has found her calling and is a true healer!" ---K.J.

"I am a community home birth Midwife and I have been in a working relationship with Jill for going on 6 years now. I have to say that Jill is and continues to be an invaluable resource for my family, and for my clients. Jill has such a diverse skill set that she is the first practitioner I refer to in most cases.

My personal experience is that she treated me when I acquired asthma, so well that I did not need the conventional medicines and I actually have a stronger tolerance against the allergens now. I also have direct experience with her excellent treatment of pertussis, structural pain, high fevers, gut and emotional issues with babies, children and adults, skin ailments, and pregnancy!

I can't say enough good things about Jill, her spirit, dedication and ethical practice policies." --- J.T.

"Jill is the best acupuncturist I've ever seen. Her deep knowledge of acupuncture and sense of empathy mixed with humor makes every visit a great experience. I had a badly impinged shoulder which she helped me through even after my regular physical therapist had suggested surgery!" ---M.T.

"Our experience with Jill Stevens, who serves as our family pediatrician, has been phenomenal. She has helped both our children, now ages two and six, through hard times. Always available and caring, my wife and I can't imagine getting through the health challenges our kids had in the initial years without her.

I have seen Erin Levinthal personally and found her care and acupuncture excellent. Her treatments seem to last most of the week." ---M.S.

"I have been extremely impressed with the care I received at Whole Family Wellness. From the warmth and attention of Sara, the stellar receptionist, to the comfortable and tranquil treatment rooms, and the well stocked herbal pharmacy, the clinic is a healing environment. Jill Stevens has been my acupuncturist for the past year and a half and she has helped me with a variety of health challenges. Jill has treated me for back pain, insomnia, laryngitis and a bad chest cold. She has also helped me address some overuse issues I've had with my elbow and wrist. I would recommend without hesitation Whole Family Wellness and have referred many of my massage therapy clients to their practice." ----L.H.

"I have taken my son to see Jill at Whole Family Wellness on and off for over five years now. Jill provides us with grounded and sound advice on nutrition and wellness options, for many different circumstances and conditions. She draws from thousands of years of TCM practice and theory as well as homeopathy and flower essence, providing emotional support that is so critical when navigating the responsibilities of parenthood.

Being able to call her in the middle of the night when the little one has a 104 degree is comforting and helpful on so many levels! Learning from Jill has enabled us to make informed decisions about "alternatives" that do not run the risk or side effects that so many standards in allopathic medicine carry (like Tylenol for example) .

As a result of Jill's work with us over the years, we have completely shifted how and what our family eats. We all have benefited from Whole Family Wellness' support!" ---M.F.

"I first met Jill in 2008, just before I was about to give birth. I’d had a hard time of it until then, but Jill’s treatments helped me have what I later dubbed, “the only two good weeks of my pregnancy”! In addition to the gentleness and effectiveness of her treatments, her attentive and non-judgmental nature helped me get clarity on some birthing decisions I had to make so that when it was time… I felt ready.

Since then, I have seen her regularly—for everything from hormonal balancing to plantar fasciitis to hip pain to general de-stressing--and just about everything in between. Simply being in her office is healing. I have also seen her colleague, Erin, who is equally lovely and talented. Sara, the office manager, is sweet and efficient, and will even help you deal with the labyrinth of insurance. Their online scheduling system is great, too!

I can’t recommend this practice highly enough. If I could get treatments every week (or more), I would!" ---M.B.

"Jill has a wealth of knowledge about the whole gamut of holistic healing modalities, especially acupuncture, of course, and I feel extra confident in her care knowing how much experience she has with a wide age range of patients, including many children and delicate babies. She's passionate about getting results and has very good intuition. I'm in my 60's and I go in weekly for just a tune up when I'm not ill and when I am, she really speeds up my recovery. And, her assistant Sara is consistently warm and attentive." ---K.K.

"Whole Family Wellness is a Bay Area gem. Jill is an excellent clinician, she is confident and thorough. She is also a kid at heart, who not only connects with the kiddos, but understands a mothers concerns and takes time to address them. She has taken care of me through two pregnancies, helped my son with migraines, counseled us on vaccines, and just helped us to stay overall in good health. I recommend her to everyone. It's not always easy to make parenting choices that aren't mainstream, but Whole Family Wellness is a great support and resource for those of us who do. Her office staff is incidentally wonderful too!" ---S.S.

"Jill and whole family wellness has been the absolute best acupuncture experience, with following results, I've ever had. At my first session I remember Jill taking over an hour to evaluate me. Asking lots of questions and taking tons of notes. By the end I knew she really understood my issues on a deep level, and because of this I felt confident and reassured that her methods of treatment would be correct. And they were! I had some pretty bad digestive problems and poor immune system.

Through acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathy she was able to alleviate my symptoms and take care of the problems at the root level. Now many years later I've just had my first child and am excited to bring him to this practice for alternative health care. If she could cure me as an adult, when her specialty is children and babies, I have no doubts his experience will be just as good. Oh and did I mention how fun and sweet she is? Great bedside manner!!" ---O.P.

"I don't know what my family would do without Whole Family Wellness Center. Each member of my family has been seen by the staff for various reasons... And each one of us has been thrilled with the results.

My husband sought acupuncture to help with the shingles. Three weeks of treatment and some magic Chinese cream later... His shingles were a non-issue. My 8yo has been going to help with her sleep, her confidence and her overall calmness. She has her flower essences and herbs and gets needles every four weeks. She is a totally different kid. Happy, confident, and most importantly, sleeping with ease. My 3yo has been going for over a year now to help with his severe and chronic constipation. With Jill's help, my son is off of Miralax and we are able to manage his constipation through natural means. This may not sound like a big thing- but since the day he was born, he has had troubles and had been on Miralax since he was 6 months old.

To round out the family, Jill has been treating me for a neck, shoulder and lower back injury for the past year. Since seeing Jill- my neck and shoulder issues have all but cleared up. I have had two flare ups oft lower back, but Jill has helped get the pain under control faster, allowing me to get off the heavy drugs quicker. She even came out to my house when I was unable to get to her.

Basically- Jill and the entire team at Whole Family Wellness Center are amazing. I now call Jill first when any health issue arises for any member of family." --- M.H.

"We came to Whole Family Wellness after Western Medicine failed to help our 5-year old overcome the results of early childhood constipation, including frequent accidents. Within a few months he had made amazing improvements. Following his success, the rest of our family (adults and children) have also been seen at Whole Family Wellness for immune support, anxiety and insomnia, and help with difficult transitions. We appreciate Jill's and Erin's gentle, thoughtful, holistic approach to health and wellness, and recommend their services highly!" ---A.B.

"I brought my two kids, ages 6 and 3 to see Jill Stevens after being referred to her by a compassionate pediatrician. My older child had had surgery on her adenoids and sinuses and my younger child had asthma and was becoming a regular inhaler user. Our pediatrician said that we'd tried about everything we could do with Western medicine and should probably see a pediatric acupuncturist. She recommend Jill and we jumped in. In a very short time both kids were doing much better and have continued on that path consistently since then. They are 10 and 7 now and are doing great. We saw Jill regularly at the beginning, added in supplements, made some minor diet adjustments and I learned how to spot trouble with their sinuses or breathing before it got out of hand.

I can't thank Jill enough for her clarity, availability, and support. It's hard to have kids who get sick a lot when they're young. Having someone in my corner with a lot of experience and knowledge made all the difference. I have recommended Jill to many people and will continue to do so. Thank you!" --S.S.